How to write tight and keep the ADD reader interested.

I hope the title has caught your eye. And no, I am not scoffing at the illness of ADD. I had it as a child. Was not nice. 
But I am referring to the world we live in. I am also referring to our inability to concentrate amidst the thousands of messages pushed at us daily.
The world suffers from a huge bout of self-induced ADD. It is our fault. It is the marketers fault.  

“It is the times man”. 



Look at the facts.
More than 30 000 unique messages target your brain every day. Channels of entertainment ranges from Television, radio, music, books, video games and now apps. Worst, that is not all of it!
This all culminates in one fuck-up of a paradox for writers. (Pardon my French.) We were brought up reading the wonderful worlds of Stephen King or any of the writers you love. Books were as thick as a baseball bats. And we loved it. We had time. We could curl up and read for hours at end. Before you stone me. On this point, I understand that many readers still do it this way. Good for you and good for them. But the fact are that if we want to make a living as authors we need to understand that allot of new readers no longer has the time and attention to read longer works.
The paradox fuck-up is simple. Since we have been brought up reading these masterful works, we are now conditioned to writing them. Also longer works justifies a larger price tag – but we will cover this topic in a later post. However, a good growing majority of the market simply wants a quick read. 

The sitteth has hitteth the fanneth….. 

Or maybe not. Maybe it is time to hybrid longer and shorter work. Maybe it’s time to focus on serials. Or maybe it is simply time to write tight, fast pace stories with one plot line.
Now how do we go about doing it? 
How do we write these awesome nuggets of entertainment?
Without losing our district voice?
To be honest I think it will be presumptuous of me to try a give you a magic recipe. You have your own voice, genre and style. But some hints are always welcome.
  • Work tighter. Sorter paragraph and sentences.
  • More dialogue and less description
  • Less description on the physical features of characters. I mean in the visual world we live in it might even be easier to tell your reader the sexy co-worker of the homicide detective is the splitting image of Melanie Laurent. People have been conditioned visually. Use it in your writing.
Okay, my tips might be somewhat thin. However, the fact is that you will have to figure this one out for yourself. And if you still believe in longer work, then good for you. Go for it. 
I am going to focus on 15 000 – 25 000 word stories. On kindle it will be about 100 pages. Enough for a reader to read  in one to a few sittings. Some stories will be serials. But all will be tight, fast and geared towards our ADD world.
That said check out Meeting Kate and The Natalia series for some examples.
Have an awesome and productive day!



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