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Yes it’s been more than a month now that “Meeting Kate” was published on Kindle (Buy it here). I have to say pickings have been slow, but then again I have not actively marketed the book at all. I have sold about 25 copies and have yet received any form of review.

Am I disappointed? Looking at sales yeah I am sure one would love to see a flush on sales and a propel to the top of the kindle bestsellers, but then again I cannot expect my short story of violent fiction to suddenly hit the New York bestseller list.

Being a realist has served me well in my life. I know short stories will never sell as much as longer works. Value versus price will always be a concern. Also my genre of being a bit violent surely don’t fill everyone’s stomach with joy, however there has been sales without offering it for free so deep down I cannot totally complain.

What is next on my violent book radar?

I am planning the follow-up on “Meeting Kate” and it will become a series. Hope to build a small fan base around it and lets then see what happens. I am also busy with a very exiting project so be sure to look out for it!

For now enjoy and please be so kind to join my mailing list! I would love to keep in touch and here from you guys and gals!




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  1. Finding this post solves a prbeolm for me. Thanks!

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