Why John Locke is not a cheat.

I honestly have no intention of burning at the stake, but allow me a few minutes of your time to explain myself.

I am a John Locke fan. The writer, although John Locke from Lost was one of the all-time best characters created. No, I am referring to the first self-published writer that sold over a million books via Amazon Kindle. The man that went on to write a book and gave his recipe on how he managed to sell those numbers of books.

But I don’t like his books. I just don’t like the writing style and story lines. I a tried to read them all. From the Donovan Creed novels to the Westerns, Dani Ripper and even Gideon Box. The last bad doctor was in my opinion the best of the worst. Before the John Locke groupies find my house and burn it to the ground, this is only my honest opinion. I don’t believe John to be a bad writer, simply put I am not his target market. In the same breath, I will say I don’t like Wilber Smith, John Grisham , Nora Roberts or Nicolas Sparks. So please I am not picking on John.

So, how can I then be a fan?

I am a fan of the book business man. The same business man many writers loath. He has been judged to the pit of an author hell, purely because he did not necessarily got his many reviews legit. See ,after he became a massive success – with stats to proof, something like every 7 seconds a John Locke novel is downloaded – it became known in writing circles that he bought allot of his five star reviews.

The absolute abomination!

And believe me… writers pounded on this like Justin Bieber on a hot new Brazilian Brothel. Here was one of the many sites that took a massive dip at John Locke. Now, I don’t blame the purge against John, because John outsells most of us 10000:1. And according to some it was unethical.

Although most of the backlash happened last year, I am compelled to look at what John did differently. And I thank the heavens that I am an entrepreneur as well as a writer.

John Locke only worked a system to his advantage. I can promise you many well known entrepreneurs that made million and billions somewhere looked at a system to find a loophole to propel them forward. And honestly, what is wrong about that? Today, the system is guarded better, but still savvy entrepreneurs will always push the boundaries.

It boils down to a choice.

And it is the same choice that John actually offers in his book on how he sold so many copies.

Do you want to be a well known author or a best-selling author?

In fact, I want to add a third. Do you want to be a money-making author?

It is difficult.

And yes many of my fellow writers will look at me differently going forward from here. Will I ever pay for reviews? No, I have never done that but not because of a moral conviction, but because that loophole was shut down, and I don’t have a $1000 to invest in it!

In short, I believe calling John Locke a cheat is harsh to someone that in a sense was a pioneer of the kindle revolution. He opened many avenues for other Indi-authors. I for one believe he was brilliant and worked the system to his advantage. He is after all a best selling author…



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  1. Hmmmm….interesting take Pieter. Not sure if I agree with you, but it does seem to be a valid point. Entertaining fiction is what counts at the end I guess

  2. Thank you for this. I have to admit I aggree

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